What is Digital Presence?

Like street signs or billboards do offline, digital presence ensures that customers who search online find their way to your business in person

To succeed, every business in the world needs a strong digital presence.

A complete digital presence includes:

When a business’s listings are complete with hours, reviews, ratings, photos and relevant information like product menus or product listings consumers are 197% more likely to view that business as a place they can depend on. (Google/Ipsos Media, 2014)


Why is it Important?

Today, 4 in 5 consumers search for local businesses online. When consumers find incorrect information about a business online, 73% lose trust in that business. And, incorrect information abounds

A 2003 study found that up to 40% of location info online is wrong!

Why is so much information incorrect? Because there’s no permanent record or single source of location data online. This is a HUGE problem that can now be solved.


We Can Help You Take Control of Your Digital Presence by:


Incorrect or incomplete information online causes small businesses to lose potential customers at a cost of $10 billion a year! (Screenwerk, study commissioned by Yext, 2013)


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