Search Engine Optimization


How We’ll Do It*


1: Website & Competitive Analysis

We start with a detailed analysis of your website including your meta tags, image alt tags, sitemaps, SEO Friendly URLs, JS Minification Test, Canonicalization and a lot more.

It is followed by a thorough research of your potential competitors as shown below. We then compare your website performance to those who are already ranking for the same organic keywords as yours.


Website Competitive Analysis


Competitor Analysis is pretty crucial to study

So, we carefully study their onsite performance, traffic analysis, referring domains and backlink graphs among others as shown in the below info graph


Comparing With Your SEO Competiton


We present all this to you in an Complimentary Analysis Report.


2: Keyword Research

The first step towards making your website optimized is Keyword Research. The aim is to uncover keywords and actual search phrases that customers enter into search engines.

Ranking for local keywords can be made easy by taking care of 3 very important things while building your SEO campaign.


3: Website On-Page Optimization

Following keyword research, the actual work begins. Our systematic approach focuses both on the website on-page optimization and its technical aspects.

We perform a thorough On-site analysis of your website enlisting all the factors in a full-fledge On-site Analysis Report.

After this, we perform our on-page SEO optimization strategies mainly including the following:


On Page Optimization


Website Performance

A 1-second delay in your page load time results in an increase in bounce rate and 12% fewer page re-visits. We therefore carefully check the page size and the load time of your website. (see screenshots)

If they are higher than the optimal values, we reduce it by minimizing your web page’s HTTP requests, enabling compressions, optimizing page images and more.


Website Performance


URL Structure

The URL structure of your website should be short, descriptive and user-friendly. The optimum URL structures score high usability and top ranking positions. Look at the below image for the majority of users’s thought on seeing the different URL structures


URL Structure


If your website URLs contain unnecessary digits, tags and symbols, we will permanently redirect these to new meaningful URLs (ie by applying a 301 redirect)


Website Crawlability

Crawlability specifies the search engines ability to crawl and save an HTML copy of your website in its database called the index.

Crawlability will depend on your website’s interlinking, regularly updating new content, avoiding duplicate content and submitting a sitemap to Google.

If your web pages are crawler-unfriendly, then they wont be added to the Google index and will never appear in the organic search results.


Website Crawlability



Sitemap is an XML file to inform search engines of the pages to be crawled. If you make any changes in your webpages, sitemaps help to index your changed pages faster

In case your website doesn’t have a sitemap, we create one and submit it to Google Search Console.


Schema Markup

As briefly described before, adding Schema Markup to your website code improves the way your page appears in the search engine results by displaying the review rich snippets beneath the page title.

This makes your website appear trustworthy and more legitimate than the other search results.

Look below for the Google search results with Schema markup tags and without it. The first result with star ratings appears more genuine and is likely to be more clickable by the users


Schema Markup


Meta Tags

Meta tags contain a short description of your web pages which appears in search engine results which tell the user what the page is all about. Search engine robots read them to rank your webpage according to the user’s query


Meta Tags


Social Media Check

Having social media accounts and linking them to your website enhances your business presence and online reputation. This strengthens your brand and boosts your visibility among the users.

Hence, it is essential to connect your website to popular social accounts like Facebook, Google+, Youtube, Twitter, etc…


Social Media Check


Image Alt Tags

Defining the image alt tags for all your images is vital as Googlebot indexes the images on your website too. Thus, when somebody searches for an image related to the alt text of your website images, your images will be shown up in Google search results along with the reference to your website.

So, users can also reach up to your website through your website’s images if they have proper defined image alt tags.


Image Alt Tags


The above image clearly shows the well-defined ALT tags in the source code of a website for its respective images. In case your website images are lacking their respective ALT tags, our team will perfectly optimize them.


On-Page Content

Our expert content writers will optimize your on-page content, heading tags, meta tags and image ALT tags with respect to your targeted keywords as quality content has now got a trump card with the Google Fred Algorithm (March 2017).

Google search engines reword the content which:


On Page Content


4: Manual Link Building

High quality links are still a sure shot way to the top of the search results.

Original Backlinking Content

We produce original content linking to your website whether it is for article submissions, forum postings or Web 2.0 submissions.

Core Focus on Relevancy

According to Google’s ranking principles, how useful a user finds a search results, indirectly affects PageRank of your website. So, we only approach reputed sites with keywords relevant to your website to create backlinks for you.

A Diversified Link Building

Sticking to one approach is never the right thing to do. We offer you a diversification in link building strategies different from your competitors to help build you a unique image.


Manual Link Building


All these links will be manually built and we will list them for you in your Live backlink Report.

Natural Presentation of Anchor Texts

Keyword stuffing, cloaked URLs and other black hat techniques hold no good reputation today. Thus we focus on building up backlinks with natural looking inbound links.

Our organic link building techniques are a legitimate part of SEO, designed to raise the visibility of your business.


5: Submissions to Trusted Sites

Google always wants you to develop a buzz around your website rather than doing the mechanical link building.

We do this by submitting your website to trusted sites. Having said trusted sites, we mean sites with high domain authority and a large number of referring domain sin the below image.


Submissions To Trusted Sites


We use niche related sites to link back to your money site. This helps you to leverage the authority of several aged trusted sites of your niche.

So if we build you 10-20% of the overall link profile from these niche related sites, it can do wonders to rank your own site in the organic searches.


6: Weekly Keyword Ranking Reports

We track your keywords on a daily basis directly from the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS), and send you weekly reports.

Below is the SERP data from one of our clients websites.


Weekly Ranking Reports


As you can see, the targeted keywords which were initially ranking at positions six, seven and eight are now successfully ranking at position #2 within a month due to our sedulous hard work. This has directly tripled the search traffic for our client.


7: Monthly SEO Performance Reports

Continuous monitoring is critical to success. With services such as Google Analytics and SEMRush, we study your regular traffic and keyword rankings.


8: Permanent Traffic, Leads, Income and ROI

Our adherence to white-hat strategies, constantly increases your organic traffic while removing your dependency on paid traffic sources. This definitely offers lasting success to your brand.

Have a look at the SEMRush screenshot below displaying the continuous increase in traffic for one of our clients website for the last 6 months.


Permanent Traffic, Leads, Income, ROI


This increase in traffic was not the result of a week or two. This has been possible because of our above mentioned strategic approach of website optimization and building backlinks

Other than increasing the traffic of your website, our strategies also help in:

*a 6-12 month engagement is recommended


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