Product Features & Benefits


We are an Empyr PartnerCard Linked Offers (CLO) are frictionless for both the customer and the merchant (you). Your customer simply links their card online and use that card to purchase. No need for coupons, QR codes or loyalty cards resulting in a delightful customer experience where they get instant notification of their rewards via push notification, text or email. For the merchant (you) there is no additional hardware, software or training required. Everything happens behind the scenes as part of a normal transaction and the customer is paying full price at the point of sale.

Your business gets advertised on 100’s of the best websites and apps on the internet like Yelp, Bank of America, Virgin Airlines. You get all the impressions for free and only pay for in-store sales. You are getting great exposure for your business on these websites at no cost and only paying for the revenue the program generates for you .

Geo Based Data Driven Marketing allows our publishers to do marketing campaigns via email, push notification or text that can target people based on the time of day, day of the week and their location. This means we can get offers in front of the right people, for the right type of service they are looking for at the time they need it, increasing the revenue we can generate for your business.

You’re provided detailed reporting and analytics that tracks all of the customers who have linked their cards on the program to all the participating merchants. You’re shown all the impressions the program has generated in real-time, which are free, and all the individual in-store sales generated as a result of the online advertising on our program. This reporting also includes the transaction amount which typically increases 30%+ on the program. You can see these results on this 2-Year card linked offer Visa study.

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